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Rinnovo Management Creating Sustainable Value In The Middle Market

Founded in 2006 by Gregg Stewart, Rinnovo brings a fresh set of eyes and complete objectivity to each engagement. Impeccable references and a brilliant track record sets Rinnovo apart—as well as unbridled passion and enthusiasm to make a difference in your business when you need it most. 

Rinnovo Management moves quickly to offer proven strategic and financial advisory, interim leadership, performance improvement, and crisis/turnaround management services to lower middle market companies in transition. We are a demonstrated leader in successful corporate renewal. Our focus is assisting companies in the lower-end of the middle market with our typical client generating revenues ranging from $15 to $150 million. We work with company principals, their financial sponsors and lenders to instill confidence by providing the highest level of professional service. Rinnovo takes a disciplined approach in creating sustainable value in the middle market.

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Why choose Rinnovo? In this competitive environment, businesses undergo intense scrutiny by financial sponsors, lenders, suppliers and customers, and deficiencies may arise internally that are hard to identify within the company itself. Often, board members, financial sponsors and/or lenders will identify common characteristics in their portfolio companies that need attention, such as finite leadership bandwidth, poor management processes/systems, weak internal controls, customer concentration/supply chain risks, and over leverage or thin capitalization.

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